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Elton John AIDS Foundation is pleased to announce a new partnership with Triggerise to empower young people in Kenya to take control of their mental and physical health. The $1 million grant from Elton John AIDS Foundation will ensure all Triggerise associated clinics in Mombasa, Kenya provide mental health screening and services, ranging from individual and group counselling to trauma-based care, over the next three years. These crucial mental health offerings will be fully integrated with Triggerise’s pre-existing sexual and reproductive health services (SRH) for young people between the ages of 15 and 24.

The partnership is also ensuring pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), and antiretroviral therapy (ART) services are a part of Triggerise’s established offerings in Mombasa, as seamless access to SRH is crucial for this age group. Triggerise will, for the first time, work across both its existing private sector network of clinics and expand its platform coverage to include public sector clinics providing HIV services, as it is essential to support young people who test positive for HIV throughout their care journey. They will then be enrolled onto Triggerise’s mobile-powered platform, connecting them to appropriate services at no cost. The platform will anonymously track their HIV care journey with the goal of keeping them on treatment and accessing services. The Triggerise platform also allows for youth feedback on service experience so improvements can be made to meet young people’s ever-evolving needs.

We are honoured to partner on this important initiative with Elton John AIDS Foundation. The timing of this investment is particularly exciting, as the growing mental health burden among young people in their diversity – particularly those living with HIV – has largely been overlooked. Our partnership will allow us to contribute to the evidence base on how to ensure that young people have access to mental health services that respond to their needs on their terms. Richard Matikanya, Chief Operating Officer of Triggerise

Triggerise Tiko Mobilier talks to a young person in the community and enrols them on the digital health platform.

“The Elton John AIDS Foundation is very excited to have the opportunity to partner with the innovative team at Triggerise to expand its existing programme for young people to include services to support their mental health,” said Anne Aslett, Chief Executive Officer of Elton John AIDS Foundation. “We know that mental health and physical health are syndemic and therefore critical to address simultaneously.”

“Triggerise’s easy-to-use youth centric platform has the potential to reach underserved, and often discriminated against young people, many of whom are LGBTQ+,” says Dr. Lindsay Hayden, who leads the young people portfolio at Elton John AIDS Foundation. “We’re eager to empower them with the information, support and services they need to live holistically healthy lives.”