How do you raise money?

The Foundation’s income is raised through fundraising events, corporate support, grants from institutions, contributions from individual donors and revenue from branded merchandise.

Why should I donate to the foundation?

In 2019, the Foundation reached 1,808,943 individuals with various HIV services across 21 countries providing over 105,222 HIV tests.

For those who tested positive for HIV, our programmes linked them to life saving medical care, support and advice from counsellors on how to live healthy lives with HIV. Many of the individuals we help such as gay men, sex workers, adolescents and people who use drugs experience extreme stigma, control and discrimination, making it even harder for them to protect themselves and others.

Our programmes provide essential services to these groups such as HIV testing, prevention and harm reduction, which makes everyone less vulnerable to infection.

We are saving lives every year so your donation will save people’s lives and help the world end the AIDS epidemic sooner.

How do you assess the impact of your funding?

Our goal is to see an end to the AIDS epidemic. To do that we have to stop people becoming infected with HIV or getting sick and dying of AIDS. The more people who know their status and are healthy, the less less infection, sickness and death and so the less stigma associated with the disease.

For every grant we make, we track how many people are given an HIV test and how many people gain access to medical treatment. More than this, we support work that tackles the underlying causes of HIV spread: discrimination, bad laws and silence.

What are your operating costs?

Our global organisation, which operates in the UK and USA, commits 80% of the funds we raise to our grant-making efforts to prioritise the people who need our support the most to end the AIDS epidemic through projects in the US, UK and around the world.

Another 18% is used to raise even more money for the important work that we do which includes monitoring and managing our grant awards. Just 2% of our funds support our administrative, governance and operating costs for the Foundation.

Why do you still operate now people no longer die from AIDS?

According to UNAIDS, 770,000 people died of AIDS-related illnesses in 2018. It is true that a healthy HIV-positive person who takes daily medication is unlikely to either pass the virus on or develop an AIDS related illness leading to death.

The reality is that only 62% of adults and 54% of HIV infected children globally have access to regular medication. That means about 13.4 million are left behind. Our priority is testing and treatment to those who need it most.

We also advocate for policy change and produce campaigns and fund projects to break down the stigma and discrimination associated with HIV so that people do not live in fear of accessing the services they need.

Who are our patrons?

Our patrons include Billie Jean King, Jimmy Carr, Annie Lennox, Emma Thompson, Elizabeth Hurley, Theo Fennell, Trudie Styler, Ilana Kloss, Lord Alli, Sir Simon Rattle, Sting, Louise Fennell, Ruth Kennedy, James Blunt, Donatella Versace, Gary Barlow, Elizabeth Saltzman, David Walliams, David Beckham and Victoria Beckham.

Who are our board members?

Our board members are: David Furnish (Chairman), Ajaz Ahmed, Johnny Bergius, Tracy Blackwell (Hon Treasurer), Mark Dybul, Eric Goosby, Emma Kane, Ilana Kloss, Sandra Lee, Tom Moore, Richard Reger (Company Secretary), and Barron Segar.

Can I receive a tax rebate if I make a donation?

We are unable to provide tax advice however the UK Government has a Gift Aid scheme for UK taxpayers making donations to charities. Please enquire with HM Revenue & Customs for more details in the UK.

In the USA, we (Elton John AIDS Foundation Inc) have tax exempt status with the IRS as 501©(3) public charities.

Can I leave a legacy in my will?

Yes. If the Foundation is listed as a beneficiary, then your executor will make a payment to the Foundation at the time. Please contact to set this up.

How can I get on your mailing lists?

Click on ‘Get Involved’ or scroll down to our website footer and enter your email address to receive our newsletter from the Foundation. Alternatively follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn for regular updates.

How can I be removed from your mailing list and/or email?

If you want to stop or limit mailings, please email us at or call us on +44 207 603 9996 in the UK or +1 212 219 0670 in the USA. Please note that it may take a few weeks for this change to take effect.

Can I volunteer with the foundation?

Unfortunately, we have limited volunteering opportunities although we do host a number of fundraising events each year where we look for volunteers. Please enquire with the Foundation.

If I put on a fundraising event will Elton John come along?

Unfortunately, due to Elton’s significant commitments, he would be unable to attend a fundraising event but please let the Foundation know of your event and we will do what we can to support.

Can I give a percentage of my company’s profits to the Foundation?

Yes. We would like to explore any partnership opportunities! Please get in touch with as there are several ways you and your company can get involved:

– Many companies match their employee’s charitable contributions
– Sponsor one of the Foundations’s annual events
– Consider hosting fundraising events at your company and advertise through internal communication channels
– Share information about the Elton John AIDS Foundation with your consumers, clients, customers and partners

What do you do beyond raising money for people living with or at risk of HIV?

The Elton John AIDS Foundation’s mission is to help end the AIDS epidemic. The Foundation harnesses local expertise across 4 continents to spread awareness, prevent infections, provide treatment and motivate governments to end AIDS. We use the influencing power of our Founder, Board and Patrons to push and persuade organisations, companies and world leaders to commit increased funding to global financing for AIDS.

For example, ahead of the most recent fundraising round for Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, Elton John met with world leaders to highlight the critical importance of increasing their pledges in 2019. This helped motivate French President Emmanuel Macron to announce a 20% increase in France’s contribution and the UK Government to increase its contribution to £1.4bn – a 16% increase on previous funding.

Do you support any programmes in the UK or US for people living with HIV?

Yes, we do. In the UK, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, along with private and public sector partners, has developed the first Social Impact Bond (SIB) focused on HIV treatment and care. The project is based in the South London boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark, and Lewisham (LSL), due to disproportionately high HIV prevalence. The SIB’s activities focus on bringing people into HIV care in LSL.

In the US, our support is provided primarily through two initiatives:

– The Fund for Resilience, Equity, and Engagement (FREE) addresses the needs of Black gay and bisexual men and transgender people, and, The Southern HIV Impact Fund (SHIF), a three-year collaboration between the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Ford Foundation, Gilead Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson, and ViiV Healthcare, supports organizations that address the extreme disparities in HIV that impact the South

– In 2020, the Elton John AIDS Foundation will begin to explore opportunities for deep engagement in specific locales. More information about our work in that area will be available over time.

I am an individual with HIV, can the Foundation help me?

The Foundation does not give grants directly to individuals. Instead, the Elton John AIDS Foundation works in partnership with governments, organisations and communities to create lasting solutions. Please consult local organisations in your territory who can help individuals or view our resources page here.

Is the Elton John AIDS Foundation still two organisations?

In 2019, the Elton John AIDS Foundation merged operations into one global organisation working to end the AIDS epidemic. We are registered as separate entities in the USA and UK but operate as one global organisation with a combined mission and grant-making strategy under the leadership of CEO Anne Aslett.

What is your process for determining CEO compensation?

The salaries and compensation for all staff, including the CEO, are benchmarked against prevailing norms within the non profit sector in both the US and UK on a biannual basis. Proposed remuneration and benchmarking material is shared with the Nominations and Remuneration Committee who determines the appropriate salary level.


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