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Elton John AIDS Foundation,
88 Old Street,
London, EC1V 9HU
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+44 (0) 20 7603 9996

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Elton John AIDS Foundation
584 Broadway, Suite 1006
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Following the integration of our US and UK Foundations and the establishment of a new global grant making strategy, we are currently in the process of developing new guidelines around future funding opportunities for applicants. Announcements on new funding rounds – including key dates and details on how to apply to the Foundation – will be posted on our website and on our social media channels in due course. For information on previous grant opportunities, click here.

For all general enquiries, please email: admin@eltonjohnaidsfoundation.org


Elton John AIDS Foundation has a zero tolerance approach to malpractice and misconduct and we take all reports seriously. We are committed to providing a clear and straightforward reporting system and we handle all information relating to malpractice and misconduct appropriately and responsibly. Malpractice and misconduct could be criminal, financial, sexual or HR-related and it can be brought to our attention by anybody. Anyone with any concerns regarding malpractice or misconduct should contact whistleblowing@eltonjohnaidsfoundation.org.

Cases will be referred to the appropriate team to investigate. When reporting suspected malpractice or misconduct, please include as much detail as possible, including:

• What occurred?

• When and where did it occur?

• Who was involved (including name, position and organisation)?

Any information received will be treated in confidence, in line with our Whistleblowing policy, and the situation will be investigated thoroughly and fairly. We will inform the complainant of the outcome of the investigation and any actions proposed.


For all media enquiries, please email: media@eltonjohnaidsfoundation.org

For enquiries related to donations, events, sponsorships or tax receipts, please email: fundraising@eltonjohnaidsfoundation.org

For enquiries related to corporate partnerships, please email: partnerships@eltonjohnaidsfoundation.org

For enquiries related to payments or accounts, please email: accounts@eltonjohnaidsfoundation.org

For all general enquiries, please email: admin@eltonjohnaidsfoundation.org


If you would like to provide feedback or to make a complaint, please send a detailed email to: feedback@eltonjohnaidsfoundation.org.