This Christmas, let’s work to make the world AIDSfree.

We are proud to announce our appeal, AIDSfree, with the Evening Standard and The Independent. It’s a campaign that is reaching out to people around the world this Christmas to show them that HIV can be beaten.

From now until the end of January, we will journey from London to Atlanta, Nairobi, Kiev, Delhi, Maputo and back, shining a spotlight on how people around the world are combatting the virus, how we can help and the vital work still to do.

Cities are where people who are vulnerable, displaced, stigmatised, often gravitate. That’s why this Christmas we want to remind one another, through a great city newspaper – the Evening Standard – that the cities where we live can be kind and tolerant. We want to accelerate the progress of these six cities in tackling their HIV/AIDS epidemic. It starts by helping 300,000 people get an HIV test that will link them to life-saving treatment if they need it.

AIDS is a devastating disease that has killed more than 37 million people since the start of the epidemic. But it is beatable.

Please join us in this fight to ensure no one gets left behind.

No more discrimination. No more HIV infections. No more AIDS-related death.

Find out more about the campaign.

Every donation to the #AIDSfree campaign will be doubled by the UK Government up to £2 million.